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Prepare you, your pelvic floor and core for birth

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Are you wanting to prepare your pelvic floor for birth?

Are you wondering if there’s more you can do than Kegels (and even if Kegels are right for you?)

Are you struggling with pelvic girdle pain in your pregnancy and want to address it before birth?

Are you wanting to prepare for this birth to go smoother than your first?

Are you concerned that your body won’t be physically ready for birth and that you should be doing more?

Are you aware of breathing techniques and different ways to deal with the labour pain, but feeling overwhelmed with looking up all the different methods out there online?

Are you wanting to feel prepared and have less fear about the pushing phase of birth?

Are you wanting to prepare for your postpartum recovery while you're pregnant?

Yes? I can't wait to show you how...

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Welcome to the Bump to Birth Course

A 5 module online program created by a perinatal pelvic health physiotherapist to guide you step by step to understand and connect to your pelvic floor in pregnancy so that you feel confident and prepared physically AND mentally for birth which will give you a head start on your postpartum recovery!

Course includes:

Demonstration videos and downloadable audio lessons

Detailed downloadable course manual with pictures and explanations to compliment each lesson

Bonus expert interviews about prenatal strength training and postpartum support and recovery

Bonus strength training workouts and yoga/Pilates class for pregnancy and postpartum with pelvic floor and core cuing

Bonus meditation/audio track to use in pregnancy and during birth which includes pelvic floor relaxation cues to prepare your mind and body to relax during birth

Private members only facebook community so you feel supported throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey including Live group Q&A sessions twice a month with Anita Lambert, perinatal pelvic health and orthopaedic physiotherapist and creator of Bump to Birth.

Your Instructor

Anita Lambert
Anita Lambert

Anita Lambert, PT, MSc (PT), BKin (Hon), NCPT

Hi, I'm Anita Lambert the creator of the Bump to Birth course, owner of Holistic Health Physiotherapy and co-host of the To Birth & Beyond podcast. I'm a mom of two, a pelvic health and orthopaedic physiotherapist with a focus on prenatal and postpartum care and am one of the select few physiotherapists in Canada to complete advanced labour doula training which blends orthopaedic physiotherapy expertise and birth doula support.

I'm passionate about helping you connect more with your body including pelvic floor plus keep you active and comfortable during pregnancy while you prepare for birth which will give you a head start on your postpartum recovery.

Having gone through two pregnancies, births and postpartum recoveries myself, I know how confusing information can be online about pregnancy exercise, pelvic floor health and preparing for birth. Generally the only information given is to do hundreds of Kegels and maybe perineal massage.

I hear daily from expecting and new moms “why did no one tell me?’ about what our body might experience - whether aches, pains, leaking urine with exercises or vaginal tearing or recovering from a Cesarean birth. No one can guarantee how your birth will go. However having worked with hundreds of expecting moms in my physiotherapy practice plus going through my own experiences, I've seen how working together with your body (rather than against it or ignoring it) benefits not only you in pregnancy but also during birth and your postpartum recovery. This is why I created the Bump to Birth course!

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When you enroll in the Bump to Birth course you’ll receive:

5 modules with 24 video and downloadable audio lessons

(value $347)

(You’ll receive access to 1 module per week and lifetime access beyond the 5 weeks)

Printable course manual and handouts to compliment each lesson to guide you what key take aways you can start right away to help you prepare your body and pelvic floor for birth (not just traditional kegels) plus questions to ask your care provider, support team, partner AND more!

MODULE/WEEK 1- Understanding your core and pelvic floor in pregnancy

MODULE/WEEK 2- Connecting to your core and pelvic floor in pregnancy

MODULE/WEEK 3- Strategies to prepare your mind, body and pelvic floor for labour

MODULE/WEEK 4- How to support you and your pelvic floor during pushing

MODULE/WEEK 5- Recovery plan for first 6 weeks postpartum

Members only private online support community including group Live Q&A sessions twice per month with creator of Bump to Birth, Anita Lambert, perinatal and pelvic health physiotherapist (*lifetime access so you can use during this pregnancy, postpartum recovery and in future pregnancies) (value $249)

8 Bonuses (value $199):

  • Pelvic girdle pain exercises, tips and strategies for a more comfortable pregnancy.
  • Willow at Home – Pelvic floor & Core yoga/pilates online class with pregnancy and postpartum options you can watch and follow along on your phone or computer in the comfort of your home or at work.
  • Expert interview about Prenatal Strength Training including pelvic floor and core considerations with Jessie Mundell, pre/postnatal fitness coach.
  • 3 strength training workouts with options for pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic pain by Jessie Mundell, pre/postnatal fitness coach.
  • Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation/Meditation Audio Track by Dr. Maryska Taylor, Naturopathic Doctor and Doula – (includes pelvic floor relaxation cuing from Bump to Birth course. Ideal to use during pregnancy to prepare your mind and body to relax during birth.)
  • Birth preference template
  • Hospital birth & Home birth checklists
  • Expert interview about postpartum physical, mental and emotional support with Dr. Gillian Sawyer, pre/postnatal chiropractor.

Value of course including bonuses $795 CAD


get the Bump to Birth course for ONLY $227 CAD/$175 USD today!

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"I feel more at ease going into this third birth experience. I know my options, how my consent and advocacy is just as important as the physical part of birth, but also how to manage symptoms. I have confidence in my body and my mind that I'll have a positive birth experience even if it doesn't go according to my preferences. I've had symphysis pubis pain (SPD) in my two previous pregnancies and so far have been able to avoid acute symptoms with the help of the relaxation poses for pelvic pain in the Bump to Birth course."

- Martine C, 24 weeks pregnant

"I feel a lot more prepared for this birth. I didn't get the opportunity to go into labour and have my baby naturally the first time due to her being in a breech position so I am hoping this time around will be different. I have been so mentally prepared for all the various ways things can happen that no matter what route we go I will go into it confidently and with an open mind.

At this stage in pregnancy I'm already treating my pelvic floor mindfully and am preparing it each and everyday through simple day to day activities. I struggled a lot in the beginning with pelvic pain, I have been practicing the exercises and postures which has helped tremendously compared to my last pregnancy!

Anita provided us with so many invaulable tools to prepare for birth that I feel so much more calm, confident and at ease about everything in this pregnancy. "

- Jenny W, 23 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby

"It’s been so helpful to learn about pushing, tearing and birth interventions – I feel more prepared for my second birth. I wish I had this knowledge with my first!”"

- Amy H, 15 weeks pregnant, 2nd time mom

The Bump to Birth course is for you if you're ready to...

  • feel more calm and at ease in pregnancy
  • feel more comfortable at each stage of pregnancy and have strategies to address pelvic girdle pain
  • feel more connected and understand how to prepare your pelvic floor for birth (and get a head start on your postpartum recovery)
  • feel more prepared physically and mentally for birth
  • feel better equipped knowing what relaxation strategies you could use during labour
  • have less fear and more confidence surrounding the pushing phase for this birth
  • have a plan about how to tackle the first 6 weeks postpartum

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"This program has influenced the way that I approach the pelvic floor discomfort I have experienced in my pregnancy. Now that I understand to a greater degree how my body is coping with pregnancy, I feel that I have tools to address these issues with hope. I learned that I can take back some control during pregnancy to stay informed and ask for help regarding any issues that arise. I feel encouraged to practice pelvic floor exercises that will ultimately help me prepare for birth. I'm also so thankful for the postpartum content Anita provided!"

- Marilee F, 33 weeks pregnant, 1st time mom

"I know that you can never be too prepared for birth. The information in the Bump to Birth course including various breath techniques and labour and birth positions are invaluable in my future birth. I absolutely feel more prepared!"

- Haley C, 24 weeks pregnant, fourth pregnancy

"I really enjoyed the Bump to Birth program and found all the information on labour, birth positions, how to do perineal massage and preparing the pelvic floor for delivery really useful. I've struggled with pelvic girdle pain and found the exercises made such a difference! After seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist in person - it turns out I need to focus on relaxing my pelvic floor rather than strengthening it - something I would not have known if Anita hadn't encouraged this. I'm now using all the pelvic floor relaxation suggestions from Anita to better prepare for labour."

- Emma J, 31 weeks pregnant, 1st time mom


14-Day 100% money back guarantee

I stand behind the Bump to Birth course and want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to enroll. Try the course risk free for 14 days and if you’re not satisified, send me an email and I’ll refund your money. So you’ve got nothing to lose!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m already seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist is this course still useful?
For sure! A number of expecting moms have gone through this course while seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist and found it was useful having video and audio teachings to solidify what they’ve learned in physiotherapy sessions or was the perfect addition to information not discussed in their sessions. While every pelvic health physiotherapist is trained in assessing and treating your pelvic floor and should be connecting with your entire body, not all pelvic health physiotherapists have done any or extensive training in prenatal care, birth prep and labour support.
What if I’ve taken/plan to take a prenatal education class?
Wonderful! This course is a great compliment to taking a prenatal/childbirth education class since they rarely cover pelvic floor information for pregnancy, birth or postpartum recovery especially the information provided in the Bump to Birth program.
Will I have time to complete the program?
Yes and I’ll be supporting you along the way! The program video/audio content with bonuses is 5.5 hours however I’ve created the course in steps so that you have access to 1 module per week spread over 5 weeks (and then lifetime access beyond) plus each video/audio is between 3-20 minutes to make it easier to learn and manage your time with how busy life gets. If you are 34 weeks pregnant or beyond – simply send me an email to let me know and I’ll be sure you can access the course all at once so that you can fast track through it before giving birth.
Can you guarantee I won’t tear during birth?
No one can guarantee that you will not tear or how birth with go however you will learn various factors involved with tearing and ways to minimize tearing as well education to recover after a tear.
I’m near the end of my pregnancy. Is it too late for me to go through the course?
Never too late! You get access to 1 module per week for the 5 weeks. If you are 34 weeks or beyond – send me an email and I’ll be sure you get access to the whole program sooner.
How long do I have access to the course once I buy?
You have lifetime access! Which means as long as the course is offered – you have access to the program PLUS the members only private facebook group with live group Q&A sessions with Anita twice a month.
How much support will I get from Anita?
Anita will be answering general questions within the private Bump to Birth course Facebook group along with live group Q&A sessions twice a month. (Individual diagnosis and treatment will not be provided as this is an online course for general educational purposes).
Is Anita Lambert my physiotherapist if I take this course?
No. This course is for general educational purposes only and does not establish a physiotherapist- client relationship between you and Anita Lambert. This course compliments seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist in person who can give you specific information and guidance around your pelvic floor, core and any symptoms you’re experiencing.

"The pelvic floor strategies from the Bump to Birth course helped me be able to empty my bladder more completely in pregnancy, reducing the many extra trips to the bathroom – big win!

This course made such a difference in my second birth. I was able to articulate my fears about labour and birth to my husband with the information from module 3 and I used the birth preference document to help me go through a lot of different potential labour scenarios in my mind. This made it so much easier to face something that was not my preference and stay present in the moment.

I used a lot of the comfort measures in labour from the course which I didn’t know were options in my first birth. The bonus birth affirmation meditation track that I listened to daily during pregnancy helped me stay present during our drive to the hospital while in labour and not get too caught up in the pain and what would happen next.

When it came to pushing, I was able to connect with my pelvic floor while taking direction from my midwife. Before this course and seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist, I couldn’t even describe where my pelvic floor was never mind using it during birth. Such a wonderful gift - thank you!"

- Jen K, mom of 2


You deserve to have a comfortable and active pregnancy.

I want YOU to see how incredible and resilient your body is in pregnancy, during birth and postpartum.

You deserve to learn up-to-date and evidence informed education about your pelvic floor and core that's rarely talked about and have a head start on navigating your postpartum recovery.

Join the Bump to Birth community with other like-minded pregnant moms so you can get the support you want and need as you prepare for birth.


Perinatal, Pelvic Health & Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

Creator of the Bump to Birth Course

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This Bump to Birth course has been designed for any stage during pregnancy for the general pregnant person. Information, advice and material given is from research evidence, personal and clinical experience and should not be considered medical advice or instruction. The Bump to Birth course does not provide individualized medical assessment, treatment or advice and is not a medical service.

Bump to Birth is a course created by a physiotherapist but is not considered to be physiotherapy assessment or treatment. This is a program for the general pregnant person but does not replace an individual assessment by a pelvic health physiotherapist, your physician or midwife. If you have questions/concerns pertaining to your body during pregnancy, consult your physician, midwife and pelvic health physiotherapist.

All physical activity carries the inherent risk of injury. If you engage in any exercises in the Bump to Birth course, you agree that you do so at your own risk. Your voluntary participation in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Holistic Health Physiotherapy and Anita Lambert from any and all claims.

Results of the Bump to Birth course may vary depending on adherence to program and the many uncontrolled factors involved with birth. The Bump to Birth course and Anita Lambert does not guarantee any specific pelvic floor or core results at any point during pregnancy, birth or at any point postpartum.